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Cat Furniture: Cat Condos, Trees & Kitty Gyms

Cat Furniture

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New at our online pet store is our selection of cat condos, cat trees and cat furniture.

There are many Cat Trees and Cat Condos to choose from. We have limited our selection to Cat Furniture with features that we feel are important to have (but we do make exceptions for some very unusual cat furniture):

  • Scatch posts covered with sisal
  • Wide base to prevent your cat tree from falling over
  • Color choices (neutral: beige and ivory, blue, pink, unusual and cute multi-colored plaid, kitty paw prints and leopard prints)

Why cat furniture? Cat condos and trees will give your felines their own domain, their home and kingdom. A cat climbing tree will protect your own furniture and will encourage kitties from clawing theirs instead of yours. Learn about solutions to common cat behavior problems!

What to look for when buying a Cat Condo, Cat Furniture or a Tree for your Kitty.

Read about our personal experience with cat trees and cat condos....

Don't know which Cat Tree or Cat Condo to pick? We know that there are hundreds of different models to choose from. After a while, all Cat Furniture seems to look alike.

Once you decide what color you like, the height of your Cat Tree and how many Kitty Apartments (Condos) you need, simply review our

Cat Condo Quick Comparison Chart

to find the Cat Furniture that's right for you. Still can't find what you are looking for? Perhaps building your own cat tree and condo works for you. Click here for more info.

* Many of our condos are brought to you by Armarkat, the leading manufacturer of Kitty Condo Furniture. Our cat furniture ships directly from Armarkat's warehouse to you. All Armarkat condos ship with a free toy. We have found a new manufacturer that offer a very unusual cat tree. These cat trees do not ship for free and have no free toys for kitty. Please refer to the cat condo and kitty tree description for details.

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Leopard Print Cat Condo and Scratching Post - 28" Tall - Also Available in Neutral BeigeLeopard Print Cat Condo and Scratching Post - 28" Tall - Also Available in Neutral Beige
Cat Condo - 57" Cat Tree Furniture - IvoryCat Condo - 57" Cat Tree Furniture - Ivory
Cat Tree - Cat Condo - 68"  TallCat Tree - Cat Condo - 68" TallThe two top levels of this cat tree/condo furniture have a little wall surrounding half the perch giving kitty a solid space to snuggle into.
Cat Tree - Cat Furniture Deluxe - 62" TallCat Tree - Cat Furniture Deluxe - 62" Tall
Cat Tree - Cat Condo - 66" TallCat Tree - Cat Condo - 66" Tall
Cat Condo - 73" Cat Tree FurnitureCat Condo - 73" Cat Tree Furniture
Indoor Kitty Condo and Tree with Hammock - 72" TallIndoor Kitty Condo and Tree with Hammock - 72" Tall
Cat Condo Deluxe - 78" Cat FurnitureCat Condo Deluxe - 78" Cat Furniture
Triangle Shaped Cat Tree - 80" TallTriangle Shaped Cat Tree - 80" Tall80" tall cat tree with a triangle base - perfect fit for a corner in your room. Comes with 2 cat condos
Cat Condo and Kitty Gym - 80"TallCat Condo and Kitty Gym - 80"Tall80" (almost 7 feet) tall cat tree with 3 perches, cat condo and a ladder in beige.
Cat Condo - 74" Cat Tree FurnitureCat Condo - 74" Cat Tree Furniture
Cat Condo - 77" Cat Tree Furniture - IvoryCat Condo - 77" Cat Tree Furniture - Ivory
Cat Tree - Indoor Climber - 5 Feet (60") Tall - Hangs at your DoorCat Tree - Indoor Climber - 5 Feet (60") Tall - Hangs at your DoorAvailable in taupe (light brown) to match your door and green. Measures 22"W x 13"D x 5'H.
Modern Cat Tree - in White - 68"Modern Cat Tree - in White - 68"

Cat Condo, Cat Tree and Cat Furniture Buying Guide

The main reason for the use of sisal is the durability. Unlike carpet-covered Cat Scratching Posts, sisal is strong enough to outlast sharp kitty claws for many years to come. Carpet-covered cat furniture starts to look shredded after about 2 years.

Our sisal rope is 100% natural made, your cats will love the smell of natural sisal, and they will love to scratch on sisal rope, which can bring your cats healthier nails. Your cats will stop scratching on your home furniture, because they are getting more scratching fun from our natural sisal rope post.

Learn more about Sisal at Wikipedia.com

What Color to pick for your Kitty Gym?

Our advise to you is to pick the Kitty Gym (or Cat Condo/Tree) that matches your decor. Your cat will be happy just to have a Cat Tree to climb on and will not care about the color.

If your decor favors neutral colors, we recommend selecting a Cat Condo in beige or ivory. If blue matches your decor, select one of our two blue Cat Condos.

Does your house belong to your cat or to you? If it belongs to your cat, it is most likely covered with all kinds of things that cats love. Select the Cat Furniture that is covered with a leopard print or paw print - it will blend right in!

How high should my Cat Furniture be?

Cats like to sit in high spots because they like to observe their entire territory (most likely your living room or family room). Our recommendation is to pick a Cat Tree that is about the same size as you. Why? In case you need to catch your cat, you will be able to grab him or her.

How many Condos should my Cat Tree have?

It depends on the number of Cats. You should plan for at least one condo per cat. If you know that your cats get along and are willing to share their space, one condo might be enough for your cat. If they do not get along, separate "rooms" are required. Cats tend to become very territorial and possessive of their own "apartments". For multiple cats, avoid any conflicts by buying Cat Furniture that offers one condo for each cat.

Our Personal Experience with Cat Furniture

Over the years we have had many much-loved cats. If we have one cat, we liked just the itty bitty little cat condo that was about one foot high. The cat always slept on top of the condo, never inside.

Once, a friend build a huge cat tree complete with a cat apartment on the bottom, and a perch on top (made from srcaps of wood and carpet). The condo was huge and became the center piece in our living room, we even had to move the couch to make space for it.

Our cat not once went into the cat apartment at the bottom, no matter how much cat nip or kitty treats we spread in it. Our cat, however, loved scratching the carpet and within one year, the carpet was in shreds. We tried to replace the carpet pieces but we didn't have the right tools to safely install the carpet and our kitty managed to rip out the staples.

We then had two cats and decided we need a cat tree with at least two perches on top. We ended up buying a mid-size cat tree that didn't require us to move the couch out of the way. It came with sisal posts, a hammock and even a very big apartment for our kitties.

I am sure you guessed it: not once did any cat go inside the cat condo. Not once did any cat scratch the sisal (they prefer the cardboard sratch posts, the wall paper and the rocking chair). No cat has ever sat in the hammock. And they both are fighting for the top perch.

That doesn't mean that no cat ever uses the hammocks, sisal scratch posts and condos. We received pictures from our customers and their cats enjoy sitting inside the condos and scratch the sisal posts. It's just that our cats never did and apparently never will. Go figure.

A little side note added one month later: We can hardly believe it - look at the picture and what do you see? Both of our cats are in this cat condo. Not just on top, but also inside. Just when we though it would never happen, they both are having a great time in and on the cat tree.

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Cat Tree Comparison Chart

Size of Base
Overall Size

Leopard Print Cat Condo/Scratch Post
18" x 17.5" 28" 18x17.5x28 1 $79.95

Cat Condo - 57" Tall
Cat Tree Furniture
24" x 20" 57" 28x25x57 1 $149.00

Cat Tree - Cat
Deluxe - 62" Tall
Cat Tree Furniture
26" x 20" 62" 36x20x62 2 $174.95

Cat Tree - Cat Condo
66" Cat Tree Furniture
24" x 18" 66" 35x20x66 1 $169.95*

Cat Tree - Cat Condo
68" Cat Tree Furniture
22" x 22" 68" 31x27x68 1 $199.95*

Cat Condo - 73" Cat Furniture
24" x 22" 73" 27x24x73 1 $199.95*

Cat Condo - 74" Cat Furniture
28" x 24" 74" 50x26x74 2 $249.95*

Cat Condo - 77" Cat Furniture
26" x 24" 77" 36x31x77 2 $189.00

Cat Condo Deluxe
- 78" Cat Furniture
24" x 20" 78" 32x27x78 1 $199.00*

Cat Condo and Kitty Gym - 80"
24" x 24" 80" 40x33x80 1 $219.95

* Check for Sales Price  
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Cat Condo with our 2 Cats

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