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Outdoor Pet Play Area - Round Gazebo with Shade

Round (Hexagon)
Outdoor Cat Play Area


OK, so it's not just a play area for cats, but also for other small pets like small dogs, rabbits, turtles and other pets that enjoy the outdoors but need to be "confined".

This is an outdoor play area that is fully enclosed (top, bottom, sides) and totally escape-proof. Access to your pet is through the "roof", secured by a zipper with a safety clasp, or the two doors that are also secured with safety clasps. The doors can be opened either from the side like doors for humans or from the bottom to the top.

Hand-made from industrial-strength netting (think of fishnet) and lightweight steel rods, this is our latest addition to our Outdoor Play Area product line. The "roof" is divided into 6 sections (a hexagon), each alternate section is covered with water-proof fabric (easy cleaning), providing shade for your pet.

We like this new play area because it's easy to set-up, can be moved easily (just lift it up) and folds away for storage when not in use.

The design allows for additions like a cat run or any of our other curve. Just snap it together. Our picture above shows a outdoor cat run connected to each side of the kitty play pen area.

Kitty Play Area Dimensions
or "Small Pet" Play Pen Dimensions

Diameter: 70"
From Ground to Top of "Play Area Roof": 38"
(excluding the little flag pole)
From Ground to Beginning of "Play Area Roof": 24"

Folded Dimensions of Kitty Outdoor Play Area

Width: 18"
Height: 36"
Depth: 3"

Things you should know about this Outdoor Play Area

  • Not for humans no matter how old they are.
  • Not for pets that are chronic chewers (only a metal or steel enclosure will work for them.
  • Not for animals that are taller than 24" (small dogs are OK, but this is not for a Golden Retriever).
  • This cat play area does NOT comes with a carrying bag.


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